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We provide our customers a complete turn-key solution to buy or sell side transactions. In the beginning of the process, we specify the project objectives and define the actions needed in order to secure the best possible outcome to our customer. Assignments are implemented in close co-operation between Boier and the managers and experts nominated by our customer.


In sell side transactions, we first take a close look into the business itself and propose actions to prepare the target entity for the selling process. We conduct a thorough valuation of the entity based on the company financials, position in the market and the prevailing market situation.

In the execution phase, we plan the process carefully and conduct a bespoke selling process to optimize the financial outcome of the transaction. The process is executed in close cooperation with the customer’s project team.


In buy side transactions, our customer may have a specific target company already in mind. Alternatively, we can explore a defined market segment for suitable target candidates. In the execution phase, we will take care of the valuation calculations, price target setting, negotiation tactics and actual negotiations together with the customer’s project team.

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